Monday, May 23, 2011

So I picked up a rental room and have been here for several nights. I can't sleep because I a, sneezing and choking. The neighbors apartment apparently has mold. I can smell it if the window is closed in my room or when I turn the ac on. I don't know if its the filter or used furniture.
I opted for floor sleeping like I always have because he wanted me to get some used futon that needs cleaned from a storage sale. The couch has a broken leg and he still has half the closet. The room is tiny and well, I want to kick myself for this. I can't sleep with the allergy problem and that's going to make the bipolar rear its ugly head. Also, trying to feed meat to a vegetarian gets old really fast. He doesn't rise until well into the evening so I can't even talk. Not sure how I want to do this. I need to move again but classes start tomorrow. I breathe better w window open but its to hot during the daytime for that.

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