Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This city is growing on me. I give it credits for a nice bus system albeit kind of long getting to and from. But it seems to run on time, there is a mixed bag of folks some good and some not so much. There is definitely a mixed culture here that ranges in crazy teens to quiet adults. I am looking for a new vehicle asap but this will work for now... I do need to get some of my homework done but I don't want to unpack everything. I don't think I need my laptop for school notes but I am taking an online class that I will need it for and will get a smaller ipad holder for it. I shouldn't need to lug this much to school Everytime books wise. I got off through bus near the mall and got a wheely book bag that's good for school. No backpack here, let gravity do it. I just knew my hobo bag wasn't going to pull it off. Its cool going to school by a mall and living by one. And the having some random dude try to pick me up, that was odd. But he was cool. If I see him again, I will leave him my phone number. I like to people watch. So that's it for now...

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