Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And here we go...

Well, 2 days ago, the hood was frozen shut, wouldn't start, simply put, broke. I am very glad I didn't stay the other night. This way I am at home with the cats and not stranded 45 min in the middle of no where. So I had to call off yesterday (not my plan believe me), and it got towed. I got the van back and now I have turn signals, flashers ect as well as a van that starts. Yep, that's pretty important. However, it took 2 hours past the start of shift at my other job and so I had to call off. Not good for either. But I won't give up until the fat lady sings so to speak. If I can keep one of the two, then things will be okay.

If not, then I will have to explore how to survive for the next 3 months. My lease on my apartment is month to month with 30 day notice so that's a plus. I have 2 more paychecks coming so some room to move and the repairs were free. So if needed, I will stay in the apartment through Jan. This Friday will cover December and the 28th will cover Jan. Income tax should come in Feb or early March. I am debating if I want to get a temp job for Feb and move out March 1. Then slowly meander across the country Mar 1 through May 15th before I settle in to western life. I don't want to get stranded in the winter in the van on my drive nor put the cats or myself in a bad situation. So that's why the wait. Plus I have an address and tags in this state. However, if I can't find employment and I lose both, I might take what I have for Jan and start heading west.

However, I have friends and connections out west as well so I want to head out in the spring. I have a family member willing to watch the cats as well while I move so I may take that option. I am still debating what is going to be easier on them as my younger girl is very attached to me. I am exploring this option as I have seen some trailers at campgrounds for rent for very little money but pets aren't allowed for good reason. However I could then use that time to get myself a class B camper or convert a new van and then bring them along once I am settled with stable hookups/boarding/pet sitting options. I worry about the summer heat every time I go to the store, about the van breaking down ect, so I want the logistics worked out before I bring them 2000 miles from their current location. They are comfortable in the van as am I but this van being a mechanical PITA AND living in the desert brings a new factor to this decision. I certainly don't want my friend to be responsible for my pets all summer as school and temps together makes for a great challenge.

Realistically, a toad and class B would be my best bet so I have a daily driver and a living space, both with motors, that can both be driven if the other breaks. It does raise expenses but no more than having a trailer would. And its cheaper to store/easier to unload a car than it is too sell a trailer plus depreciation. A van that can be parked with AC hookup works well, but it has to be a B to be campground approved I suppose. So many decisions, I will just take the van west and see what works best and what money options are available. I am focusing on what comes in a few months instead of right now as its stressful enough. Tomorrow will define many things like what options and leave dates.

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