Monday, December 6, 2010

The Moving Plan

Its been 6 days since I decided on a move across the country. I am going to AZ and have picked out several parking places in the area and decided on a roof rack and bike rack for the rear. This notion you save money by not living in a house, I am not sure it doesn't come close when you balance the additional repairs and hardware needed. I am going to make a list here of what the van needs to be functional for a month long excursion with 2 cats.
Repairs so far have been brakes, exhaust, windshield wiper motor, and now the windshield. Thats 420 so far.
Add a roof rack and cargo carrier to the mods as well as a battery and cont duty solenoid and a real spare tire. Thats just the beginning besides a box I am building to go under the bed by 6 inches for lesser used stuff.


  1. I think you should get on the road (for a while) before you decide what you need... I've determined that I just don't need (or want) that much in the way of expensive items - I just keep going back to the basics.

  2. I would agree and I won't be doing anything permanent other than the roof rack that will be a screw in one that can be removed and sold or placed on my new van when I get one. The box will be a bed platform, 2 boxes 6 inches tall to store pillows, blankets and lesser used items. And small enough they can be stacked for a 12" seat. The roof rack will hold clothes, spare food ect, nothing heavy, just there when needed.