Thursday, December 2, 2010

Its my life, and this is the journey

So the title sounds selfish but I have been feeling rather emotional as this was a quick process. I woke up November 30 and decided I was moving out west and finishing college. At 4 m 30 d the clock is ticking. I have always been spontanious and this is no exception. I realized I won't have time to get a new van even though there are some costly repairs left to go but as much as I am done with already, to get another vehicle, I would have to repair that too and that gets really complex and fast. Exhaust and a new battery are tomorrow, then a new windshield next check. And after that, I am adding an AGM deep cycle battery and continuous duty solenoid.

Too see how everything fits, I put all my stuff in my apartment around my tri fold bed and realized that everything fits in the mini van but it fits exactly which means in order to drive and then pull over to sleep without tons of hassles, not to mention the easy possibility of losing things, AND room for the cats and their stuff/litterboxes (and not creating a huge mess) would be difficult without additional room. Realistically for this trip and to be comfortable until I decide on a housing situation (if I decide too) I need room to sleep, eat, cook, the cats, litterbox, have papers, books, electronics and clothes in order and easily accessible.

In addition, after I arrive, I will be starting school pretty quick, will need to transfer my plates to AZ, and figure out snail mail address and banking options. Thus, the van will be a home and later a camper as time goes on sort of like it is now. I will need power for my electronics ie laptop, cell phone, ect and space to write for papers and still have a bed and emergency kit. I will actually live between mountains and desert not so far from the Mexican border. So I will be getting a roof rack and pack, which while not stealthy, is the most affordable option compared to a rear box that anyone can easily access or a cargo trailer that I would have to get a hitch for and drive through rough terrain. As everything I own I won't use on the way there and everything I need for travel or cold weather I won't need there regularly although it does get cold at night, so upper storage is easy enough leaving me with room to sit and lie down inside the van.

And for the discussions I have attempted to have with family and friends, this trip is my life, its my journey. I came home the first time to take care of my grandma, to help out and too heal from some past events. I am thankful to those that have helped and hopefully the same is true in return. I am not taking this trip to run away, have vengeance on some past event or prove any points. I am doing this because the longer I sit here, not seeing family anymore often than I did while away the first time, and thinking, this isn't helping anyone, I am not going anywhere sitting here, and my life is slipping by. This trip is about me, the me without kids, obligations or a husband, the me that wants an education, desert, life without midwest winters and spring allergies, the me that needs to do this. I may come back in the end like I did, and I may just come visit, but in the end, this is my life, the life I want and need to live. To those that have supported me, who see I am doing what my soul is calling for, and has been for 2 of the 3 years I have been here, thank you. I came home, melted, and now I am recovered, I think.

So here is to the journey of life we must each embark on in our own unique way, that leaves a trail, tells a story and teaches a lesson to someone somewhere.

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  1. Some folks wonder what sane person would want to live in an old motorhome with a dog and a cat (who I trained to use the toilet - although she isn't able to flush it by herself) like some kind of poor ol' homeless person.

    I ask them, 'Who you calling homeless?'
    "Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home"