Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So I am still getting used to typing on this phone and I think the next one will be a touch screen with the 1 through 9 keypad. I like the qwerty but I miss easy dialing.
Otherwise all is quiet on the midwestern front. I am just at work doing the residents laundry, taking my lunch and stocking rooms. Pretty normal day.
We are doing a late winter festive get together. For those that don't know I don't celebrate christmas in the traditional sense. I celebrate the birth of the Roman sun God. Although I respect the right of others to celebrate their beliefs as they see fit and I will go along as the escense of the Roma is acceptance of others so long as they don't violate the other parts of the whole. Allowing everyone to believe and practice as they see fit gives way to harmony acceptance and inspiration for new ideas. So whatever your flavour enjoy the season.

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