Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another day

I am waiting to find out from my mechanic on the once over for a vehicle, a 1991 Astro 6 cylinder that I am considering. A person I know bought it and feels its too much in gas money for her daily commute. Its fine by me. I am praying it works out because I really need something to come together this week. I have had horrible luck in the car repairs and I want something thats reliable, can pass an inspection and is reasonably safe.

An Astro gets the same mileage as my Lumina and will be more dependable with a truck drive train. The metal vs fiberglass body helps as well. I can easily add a ball hitch or a back cargo rack and it comes with a roof rack. In other words, its much more suitable to my travel plans. I could build the bed across the back, put in a full kitchen with plenty of water storage and a hole in the counter for the coleman stove to be used indoors or outdoors, and add a small wardrobe and mini bathroom as well. I could keep the two front seats and still have the entire center of the van open for the cats or crafts and reach my under bed items inside or outside with the hatch. I could put a full sturdi cage shelter in for the cats, more room for a genset (as someone suggested), battery power and fans besides camping equipment. In short, I would have plenty of room for me and the cats, my hobbies and room to move besides the better safety of everything inside.

I have thought on the trailer option but someone suggested the roof rack and a swing away is more practical, won't need additional insurance or wiring. Plus parking will be much easier. I was planning on buying a new rig once in AZ, but this works much better. It will be a less stressful trip, time to work the kinks out and space. Its like a dream come true.

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