Thursday, December 9, 2010

Deciding on an eReader and an MP3 Player

Now that I am getting closer to leaving and realize even with so few things, they feel like so many things.
  • I need to trade or sell my desktop for a laptop.
  • Convert tapes and DVDs to digital files that can be stored on a portable hard drive.
  • Convert CDs to MP3 
  • Buy a MP3 player that can be charged from van battery or laptop. I don't feel an ipod at 225 dollars on sale is a good investment.
  • scan pictures to flash drives.
  • buy an ereader for digital books so it can be held on that instead of my hard drive memory
Essentially, the computer should pay for the laptop as I am not going for a high end one. I will utilize external hd and additional USB port add ons instead. This way when I switch or go somewhere else, its all there. All in one is nice, but I want my stuff backed up and transferable from one computer to the next. I am also going to backup my regular desktop to an external hd (should have 2 when done). That should make working easy with one and doing things like uploading pics easy with the other. Then I have spare room on the computer to watch DVDs or get directions.

I found an MP3 player at Odd Lots for 50 bucks. That should work for my collection of 2000 songs. Even having two MP3 players if needed or changing play lists via computer is nicer than having to switch CDs constantly. My van only has a tape player and I haven't ever used it as the only band I still have on tape is Depeche Mode.

So any suggestions on the best ereaders that can read multiple formats (b and n, amazon ect) and have email access would be great.


  1. It sounds to me like you are approaching this with a 'how much can I buy for my new adventure in minimalism'. In my personal experience, getting rid of things is what I needed to do.

    I dont know what kind of education you are planning on, but I suggest getting a netbook, and using this as a replacement for your desktop, mp3 player, ereader, and music.

    The netbook doesnt have, or mine doesnt have, a cd drive, so that's an issue. I do all my reading on the netbook, also my music, and gps, etc.

    Getting rid of things to live in a small space is paramount to me. Also I recommend a small genset. Running your vehicle engine, even at idle, takes alot of gas to keep things charged.

    A propane heater for chilly nights is a good idea as well. (for me it was).

    -Gladiator12b210 from VanDwellers

  2. Hi Gladiator (like the sn),
    Thank you for your advice. I am not trying to buy stuff for my adventure in minimalism. Look down at my room pics and you can see I already carry few belongings, but its not a contest anyways. My goal is to take what I have deemed comfortable in my apt to my van. The conversions of entertainment items above is to take the larger bulky items like my TV.DVD player and radio into easily portable items that provide me the same indoor entertainment time for those bad weather days as they do in my apt. I need power to run my laptop and if something happens to the laptop I don't want to be without backups of the other items.

    For example, instead of getting rid of my CDs I so enjoy, I can play them on my MP3 player that can go with me on hikes and runs, is easily charged and much smaller. Then I can rid of the CDs. Same for my DVDs they can then be played on the laptop ect.

    It doesn't make sense to get rid of the things I use and enjoy daily. And its easily downsized, something my cello, knitting needles ect can't be.

    The spirit of minimalism is to only keep that which you use and enjoy and not keep a bunch of clutter and dust around because someone gave it to you or just in case.

    A genset is in the future once I have more money. I want to pack the van, spend a month or two on my trip, get out west and see what I need then.