Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Plans brain dump

I finally started paying off some of my old bills that have been sitting on the back burner, nothing major, just the little things. I am also taking my earned vacation for the month of Jan from my 2nd job where I work 3 shifts a month. That way I can pick up at my main job and its like getting double time. I will be taking some of my vacation from said job for the next 4 months until I leave. My main job won't have vacation time as I won't have been there for a full year at that point. But its all good. I tell you now that I am trying to get everything done its getting harder to stay focused at work. I love what I do but the winter is kicking my but and I am missing money that was in my van. I am not sure where it could have gone but its a bummer.

Tomorrow I will be charging my battery overnight and back in line with that. I will also be building my 2 boxes 6 inches tall each that will lay next to each other behind the passenger seat. They will be hinged wood boxes that will store those items that I rarely use but are valuable enough I won't part ways with. I am thinking on putting cargo nets as dividers and putting my kitchen stuff in one half and my office stuff in the other. Then the clothes can go in their tub (which already has clear plastic containers to hold socks, underclothes and shirts separate with pants independent in the back). Blankets can go in the roof top carrier along with the cat bag. The rear seat can house the cat carriers and the 3 drawers behind the drivers seat. The litter box will be up front while sleeping and in the back or in the kennel outdoors during the day. I am still figuring out where the instruments are going. I was thinking on the bed during the day and secured at night, but we shall see. I really do need more space, but its not going to happen right now, so I will make it work.

And of course realistically I need a class B OR a full size van and in the least an Astro that can have a cargo tailgate box and a roof rack that can hold some weight. Maybe I should make it work without a roof rack on the Lumina APV and save that money towards my next vehicle.

But right now getting out west, getting the van outfitted as a starter vehicle on the road and getting everything up to date is the goal.

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