Monday, December 6, 2010

Doing something you believe in

I was doing my usual scan of blogs from my dashboard in blogger and a blog called Zen Habits has a blurb on doing what you believe in to benefit everyone else.  We as humans spend to much time doing what society instructs us too, too much time accepting what everyone else says too, and way to much time doing menial tasks that make no sense like working jobs that leave us paycheck to paycheck and angry at the world and our families while we slave away and get absolutely no where. I have been pondering the time and money connection. The notion that time is money. There are those out there living without money who feel we should donate time and the things we don't use to others and I agree with this notion but I like money to some extent because I don't have to have what someone else wants and I don't like carrying a bunch of stuff around. But there is also the notion we should get paid lots to do little and I find this the truth in corporate America. Those who do most make least. I would personally rather make 10 dollars a hour instead of 8 because it means I can work the same amount of overtime and achieve 20 percent higher pay. That 20 percent can go to savings or buying something that will enhance my life (or someone elses) and allow me to have greater periods between work.

Nomadism is the between barter and mass money. You make little money but can save more than someone making 3 x as much because there is little to no rent and the car you would repair you have.
So what do you believe in, that your passionate about that is waiting and may need sacrafice but could happen. A dream is just a dream. A dream with a plan is a blueprint. Step by step goals one at a time is progress. And eventually the dream is reality.

I believe my "station in life" isn't getting better without a change of scenery and a better education. Those are my goals, what are yours?

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