Saturday, December 4, 2010

a few instruments coming along

I am figuring out the logistics of how to take everything I own in one trip in a mini van, the stuff I have been down sizing for over 2 years. By far, next to the cats, I love my cello. I don't play as much as I used too but its coming for the trip along with my steel necked guitar. The question is how to take an earthquake of a drive and keep the cello and guitar safe and in sound repair so I can use them in the future.
I am just now beginning the research. I would like to play on my way with some me time, but I am still wondering if I want to just take the guitar and have the cello shipped like I did the first time. But I did drive from AK to OH with it albeit risky but less risky than the shippers moving it and me not having my hands in the pot the entire time so to speak. More to ponder. I am working quite a bit right now so updates are sporadic, but I have been on the computer doing some serious research and filling out one form after another. I realize this blog is about van dwelling mostly but this is my major travel adventure except I won't be near family or close friends so I won't have local storage for this or that, everything that happens, to start with, until I reconnect, I am on my own. I am working on cleaning up some past bills, figuring out logistics and the heat in AZ. I will be going to school in the evening which is nice, I might be nocturnal part of the year.

I also got the good news that some old friends from AK will be taking a road trip same time as me and the felines and I will get a chance to reconnect. She is great at knitting and said she would better show me how. I also realized there is a cello group there so it will be nice to be involved again. So much to do, so little time.

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