Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A bit better today

Okay now that the panic is over, I went to work today and had a good day. Time will tell on that situation. The van works for now and 14 weeks left until leave date. I will update here when there is more to update. In the meantime the cats are doing well and we are taking everything one day at a time. I have a relative who has offered to house the cats until I get settled so that will mean one stable environment to the new one. I will have AC, an address of sorts or a routine, and school will be figured out. It will also be past the dead of summer. I will miss them but it will be motivational to get things figured out. I hope it won't take more than a month but it gives me a cushion if it takes longer. Now that funding and logistics are stable, I am back to taking it one day at a time, I am going to step back from planning for a moment, just focus on the present, and unplug for a day or two at a time. I have been super stressed and its time for brain shutdown. So long as the van runs, there are places to rent at campgrounds or rooms (which I will contact sooner to the move date), and I am employed, life goes on.

Therefore, I think other than class registration and the trip out west, everything is in order. The cats are good to go, my belongings remain nice and small and other than a mock pack up of the van, I am good to go. Now hopefully in a few months after I make the move, I will have a camper of my own and an Astro or like van so its like having the house and car with rent (yes) but my home will have wheels and can be parked. I don't like foundations, they mean permanency and I suppose after a while of a certain place and neighbors, I like to move on. Now granted, its December now, I will be on the road for April and part of May, then settling in, and that's going to be busy. And hopefully I can then settle for a bit until December when  I come to visit the folks and bring my cats back with me. Long enough to enjoy snow at Christmas and then back to the warmth. Hopefully next Jan I can also spend a few weeks in Quartzite and enjoy the rock and mineral show. I planned to go this year but it didn't happen.

I came home to heal after a challenging period in my life but it didn't feel like home the way it did before. But once you settle, its so easy to fall into a routine and its even harder to move again. I hope this will move the rut and I won't feel bad about buying something like land and a trailer because its desert, mountains, green and central to many paths with lots of free camping. The midwest has cheap camping, seasons and some great shopping and entertainment, but its low on jobs, opportunities and no mountains local. Mountains are something I am really attached to for some reason and I love the dry heat.

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