Monday, December 20, 2010

So I finally grew tired of my last phone and replaced it with a new smart talk phone. I spent 200 on it but with my pending trip forthcoming I did not want to be without a phone. I have also been looking at a pda and laptop. This phone does all that for me which works well. I now have music internet apps and gps rolled into one. I would still like a tablet like the ipad and an ipod but those would be extensions of my existing system. I am currently in the process of consolidating m y computer so i can sell it before I leave. I do not see my desktop or old style tv making the cut. I have also been considering trading my cello for a viola. I can read viola music, the strings are the same and I do not get the useage from my cello I would like. I am hoping by getting something smaller I will play more and will be easier to travel with. Beyond those items, i think everything will come along and now I do not have to get lossed.


  1. Bon chance... I find I use my iPad a lot more than my laptop.

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