Friday, December 31, 2010

My cell phone is randomly calling someone a rediculous amount of times without me knowing so I have to keep my phone turned off and will have to call straight talk tomorrow about this problem. I had virtually no problems with my last phone except it got wet in the rain one day when I called for help when my van was broke down in an area I didn't feel comfortable staying inside.
I watched avatar for the first time when I bought the box set. It came in a pretty box and I enjoyed it. I also bought night at the museum 1 and 2 and salt. It is indeed cheaper to buy a few DVDs and workout gear than to keep going to movies or join a gym that may not have facilities from one town to the next. So its going to be interesting. My phone just tried dialing again. I need to get this figured out and then trade this phone in perhaps. Maybe time to go back down to the phone that does most of what this one does minus gps and has widgets. Oh yeah and my phone bill can be 30 again and not have to worry about this. Maybe technology is moving to fast. I will be staying with the qwerty but the 1 through 9 keyboard wouldn't break my heart and I am starting to type faster without needing to backpack every other moment or have cramps in my fingers. It sure took some getting used too.

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