Friday, December 31, 2010

Ajah doesn't appear to be feeling well. She had a green really thick chunk in her normally clear eyes. Of course it is new years eve, I don't think its an emergency because she isn't running a fever. She just seems bleh. She has been lazy for a few days now so monday I will take her in and keep an eye on her. The kitten looks fine. But since they are both due for a visit, I will go ahead and take both which will finish the kittens shots and hopefully this will be the last visit prior to leaving for az.
Since germs can make a cat sick, I decided to clean from top to bottom. They got a new litter box, litter and fresh cleaned bowls. I washed the litter box floor area and vacuumed the room rug. I will dust and mop tomorrow and probably do a go through of my stuff again as I got gifts from family that I need to decide what to do with. I appreciate them but I might trade with friends for stuff I can use.

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