Sunday, January 30, 2011

8 weeks 5 days. I got to put in my phone my put 2 weeks notice in. I feel like the days are measured in meals, shifts worked and weeks gone by. I am off monday and tuesday so I will be getting quite a few things done. I am going to call the temp agencies and ask around but ultimately with so few weeks left, we shall see. Yesterday was the climax of stress. I just need to breathe, its all coming together slowly but surely. I am taking on no new obligations. I talked to grandma yesterday and she is good at making sense of chaos which was what I needed. Now its time to do more laundry, make a trip to the store for grandmas cat and go to work. I am odd in that to save money on gas, I feel the need to do everything in a local circle. Now its time to get ready and listen to my podcasts which I started on break but co workers chatted instead which is okay. I enjoy a good chat as well.

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