Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So I build the bed box layout. I am debating between buying a foot locker that locks and building a standard bed frame. Then I could put my totes and blankets in the foot locker that I don't use all the time or simply want out of the way. Then the stuff I do use could go in the front seat ie clothes and toiletries. I am going to have to take the other seat out in the back rear, and I am going to put a the cats there. The nice thing about this idea is that I can sleep on the floor on the cat kennel side or on top of the foot locker. Although I think the foot locker is going behind the drivers side and the floor space open to the slider so the slider can be used as a space expansion.
Also the foot locker can serve as a desk area, so can the slider area or the open floor space. This way I don't have to add anymore room and its all light weight. I was debating also on removing the front passenger seat entirely but that might draw attention and I like having somewhere to belt the cats in if needed.

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