Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good music good times. Music truly is the answer to the worlds problems. At work, we can agree on r and b, we don't talk, just jam. It makes the night go well, the residents enjoy it and it just makes life smooth. I am void of major thought at this time as my brain is just drifting. I just ate a small plateful of half a hamburger, 1/4 c of mashed potatoes, and 1/2 c of cole slaw. I have been putting my spoon down for each bite and drinking water in between. Its working well. I ammunition stuffed. At 1200 calories a day its important to feel full. I am doing 6 meals @ 200 each to rev my metabolism and shrink my stomach. Tonight I will do 2 sessions of ballet and cardio and approach part 2 of my workout DVD. I am considering getting tae bought again as well. Then in the van a laptop and picnic table @@ the park will do. I want to do some intensive hiking on my way to az.

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