Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have had wal mart smart talk for about a year, maybe longer, have had 2 phones and my old one got okay data and great service on the talking.
My new Nokia e71 gets random coverage and the talking isn't so great. This phone is my entire data and phone communication line as my work isn't based online nor are my hobbies at this time. They used to be but finding work with my skill set is harder and that's fine as I enjoy my current career field. However, one doesn't enter human services to make lots of money.
Therefore, when I get to az I don't want to be pushed to sign a lease or buy this or that. I want options and my classes will be in the evening so I can go to cooler climates to begin with. I would like to eventually find a small trailer or apartment close to school or with transportation options as time goes on but I don't want to commit until I have a class schedule and start actually getting money from my gi bill, probably a couple months worth as I want a savings before anymore bills.
Right now the only bills I will have is my insurance for one vehicle , cats, food, fuel, and phone. Depending on wifi options will determine what data plan I need as I want to watch netflix so I don't go to the theatre all the time. Then some type of ereader for the good news and books since I will need those. I love books but end up spending to much money. In the end, I hope portable aNd affordable technology can help save money, gas and clutter.

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  1. I have an iPad and I find I use it almost exclusively for reading, general surfing, stuff like that. It's a lot less space than a bunch of books alone, being able to do a lot of other stuff on it is a major plus. I would have a lot harder time without having all the reading options that the iPad or adnroid tablets provide.