Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here in America we have people in wheelchairs who can drive, go to the store, take a shower and hold a regular job. I know blind and deaf folks doing the above, using talkers and attending special schools giving them a normal life able to communicate. For example, I attended a animal show and there was a brother and sister who successfully flew from western to eastern us with 2 persians, checked into a hotel and got to the show and made their rings. The only help they needed were the rings holding up their number instead of the Loud speaker announcing it. In many countries, those with disabilities don't have schools to teach them sign language or someone to show a person in a wheelchair how to take a shower and get in the bathtub. I can't change all of society, but by traveling, writing stories and taking an active role in individuals I meet, I think its a start. My goal isn't to fish for donations and show sad cases but instead give society a view of a functional human being that can teach us about being human. Some can't talk or walk, but even they have a right to life, a right to be happy, clean and free from abuse. Sometimes a hello, a toy, a bath and a clean bath, then eating dinner with others will do miraculous things for a persons self esteem and only then do you find what a person is capable of. I must say overall, not in all cases, but I think we have a pretty good system and in this part, I am truly happy to be an american.

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