Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tis funny I came to my aunt/grandmas again to do some quick in and out scanning and that didn't happen as old mother nature had a different idea of ice. I did get some adresses of mail outs I need to do and college is in order. So here I spend the night again. I hope to get back to my apartment tomorrow. and now its just work and getting the van in order. The long bed wins in design.
I have been also thinking of rv size and I think a minivan with a good setup is good for me as I like stealth, and good mpg. The setup looks good so far, but a small carmate trailer would be better for a place to enjoy an indoor shower, porte pot and pantry. The van would remain the portable bedroom/living room. I like the freedom of the minivan but the ease of having a portable storage extended usage type deal. Alas, for now its just a mInivan

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