Saturday, January 1, 2011

So today is new years. I worked until 10 last night, went over to a relatives to spend new years with family, spent the night after enjoying a little alcoholic beverage,and drove home this morning. it was a nice time and well spent. Boy am I glad I didn't have to stay at work. The weather is raining and 50s.a. Never seen this before but I will work with it. Hopefully the rest of winter will be just as mild.
Ajahs eye is cleared up but she had some loose stools. I won't be giving them anymore canned food until stools are back to normal. Her temp is still normal and she is more alert. I figured cleaning would help in case she was sensitive to something in the environment. The kitten is her normal chaty self. So hopefully by tomorrow stools will be normal, eyes will stay clear and if all goes well, that's about it. However, I am off tuesday so I can do something with it then if needed.
The van is doing the difficult starting problem again. I will be doing laundry today and going to work tomorrow and if the problem persists, I will have to get it done tuesday. I won't be picking any shifts up for right now. I will have christmas on this check plus one extra shift so hopefully that will do.
I bought the shake weight recently and its working. I will be doing that, memorizing the new york city ballet workout and jump roping. That's my new years plan, lose weight and exercise daily.

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