Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beds... Since moving from my old van to the apt, I didn't bother to add any furniture. I have added a few other items like my cell phone and other useful or entertaining items. But I refuse to buy furniture knowing I am moving again. and I don't like bulky items that collect dust and I can't more myself. Rubbermaid Is my friend along with folding tables. I can't tell you how nice it is to need a table in one room that can simply be moved, and when I am done, it shows away. Also great for company and looks nice with a cover.
But beds, I live in a small space now and have occupied small spaces for a while, like cat, small and cozy. I used to love wide and open but from a planetary and utilities cost factor, for one person, there is no need.
So in a small space, a bed is a lot of space and a pain to get under. I have roll up camper pads and a tri fold that do the job and when the time comes that I can't get on the floor, a frame of plywood thats a hinge box or a foot locker will do the trick. Maybe my refusal to get a bed and dressers is my screw societies informational requirements. Maybe its me holding onto my independence knowing I can roll out my bed, set my pack down and let the cats out of their carriers and I am home anywhere. Add food, water and sanitary facilities and life is good.

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