Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today it started snowing again. Its been pretty quiet today. I got my final check from my old job, its my gas money to az. I am kind of stoke, that and my income tax check should get me there and settled.
I never bothered to replace my tv with built in vhs because I still have a few, but it stopped working so now I need someone to convert my vhs to DVD and then I can take them on the road with me. I was going to change the DVDs to digital format mp3, but I have to many and I am too lazy. I got rid of my jewel cases long ago and kept the DVDs and cds in one giant case. I need to expand to another case though.
I am also still looking at tablet computers but the programs on my desktop were a lot of money. I am not sure if I want to get a portable hard drive and back my old desktop up or take just the tower with me. I wonder if the tower could be hooked to the tablet. I need to take a trip to best buy or radio shack.

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