Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today has been insane. I get into work and they wanted us to straighten up rooms. We did that and then onto the rest of the day. I bought another pair of scrubs today and I am glad I did because I am working in a different place tonight and its a messy one.
Then its onto laundry and life as we know it. The schedule this time around doesn't leave much time for stuff at home. I did look on craigslist and there are some apartments that would cost what I pay now. I am considering it as it would give the cats and I air conditioning in the summer, its walking distance to shopping and bike to school. That would give me time to save up and it doesn't tie me to the area longer than I want, I could then afford to take trips in the van, visit home and for the cost of storage and boarding for the cats it makes sense. az is to hot to keep the cats in the van and starting out I will need an address. Then I can get a camper and van that is what I really want and the campground fees are about that of rent.

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