Monday, January 24, 2011

Today I get to go to the bank and then to work. I have to start the process of figuring out banking on the road and who has the best options as I will be on the road from April 1st when my lease is up here to June 1st when I start a new lease in AZ whether its at a campground or an apartment. I would prefer for the cats to be a 1 room apartment and due to the heat, I would like AC. And since my van has a few issues, I would like to be able to bike to work. I am tired of driving miles to work. Then I have time to save up for a nice class B.
Once I am on break from school next summer, I would like like to go back to alaska to work or take a trip to russia which is why I don't want to invest now and then have to store or sell it if I choose international travel.
Thanks Mike for the comments -:) this has definitely saved some trees.

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