Saturday, January 29, 2011

I apologize for the last few posts being back dated but my data went out and now works again in random order but enough. I am hunting for a new job for the last few weeks although work changes happen in 2 weeks so I may ride it out, but I am going to look. My relative wants to go inpatient because I am leaving. I just don't know and if he stays longer I don't get to leave. I have been selfless and supported inpatient my entire life but like I told him why not ask me sooner not 8 weeks before leaving. Time will tell. I just can't do obligations now. Not this close to leaving. I already signed up for classes, got funding approved and just started need to do my income tax today so I have that in hand to get the windshield fixed. Then its on we go. I can't believe how slow the days are but time goes fast.

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