Monday, January 3, 2011

Well so far under 1500 for 2 days. I strive for 1200 but have historically been too hard on myself so I get the leeway thing. I went for a walk at work besides some ballet this morning and some intensive abs.
However, when walking in the cold, my hip started to hurt and it has ever since. So I will work on the upper body tonight and maybe some light abs and some bee topping around with the music. My arms was the other part I was concerned with. I have always had VERY solid arms so I need to get them back.
In other news, it was like spring today with green grass. Odd but nice. Maybe thats why my motivation, the sun is out, I am not cooped up inside although I have been getting workout gear that can be used in both environments.a. I want a stair stepper next as I took classes in a previous life lol.

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