Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adding to that thought an SUV or mini van with a hitch mount for the bike could work as well if my room rental isn't to high and I am close to school. If its on the higher side, then adding a camper makes sense. Its really a gas vs rent thing. After school, visiting home and possible summer employment, I don't want a bunch of things to store, I don't want to spend an hour driving to school like I do work now, but I still want an economical way around, a place to cook, sleep and enjoy when I travel, and won't cost a fortune in upkeep. A bike is great for gas mileage and an SUV for bad weather or driving home and being able to sleep in on the way there and haul my stuff and bike if needed if I need to store both, they can be together for one rate or the bike inside the SUV at the lot although I don't know dimensions at this stage, I simply know the bike should mount on the rear of my daily driver when needed and still be able to haul a camper. So many decisions, but I got mandated at work on a very slow night shift so I got all night.

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