Friday, April 8, 2011

So on my way to work my van died. But it is parked legally and I still got to work. My van is faithful and I am glad I thought of plan b. The train is still an option. I am going to have to get home which means about 15 miles of walking and a ride home. It should be okay of the weather Holds. I got some stuff in my van for the emergency situation and I am glad I do. I just have to make it home by tonight to get to the bank tomorrow. I have my bike at home for that.
monday is my last day technically but if the van isn't working and its something serious, I will say ah well, sell it and move earlier as option b requires more planning and effort. I have through bike, need a train ticket, need a tent, and have the bags for the bike. Everything else will just have to go and I can then use the money saved to set up there.

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