Sunday, April 3, 2011

Other options are travel trailer and scooter, with the option of bringing the van out or having a vehicle for both coasts. Then there is the motorcycle and smallest a frame camper option which could be a bit small but with a SUV or minivan I would be able to haul the camper and bike for minimal weight, be able to do road trips with great gas mileage on a bike, drive a great gas mileage vehicle and still have a place to stand up, sleep and cook. plus I may not always need the bike when I have the drivable and the camper gives me access to campgrounds for longer periods. Also if the car or bike breaks, I have options.
Plus it would be nice to drive home every now and again and not spend a mint.
I think starting with a room for an address, getting a scooter or motorcycle for local runs, then a light weight trailer that's small and from there work on the daily driver issue makes the most sense. I will probably take a train home for the holidays, see family and bring the van and cats back so I have a tow vehicle for the camper and driving in bad weather. The bike will be my transportation mostly and the camper my home.

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