Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Toledo Museum of Art peristyle. Commonly used for grand events. Art is 1400s and older. Visiting the Museum one last time was one of my goals, mission accomplished.

 This arches in this room are from 3 different monastaries in France. The fourth was made locally. I love this room, its so old feelings. Anywhere I am, when I need peace, I mentally come back to this room. Its amazing. Thanks again to the guard at the Museum that knew many things about this room. I learn something every time I come back.
 This was the advertisement piece for the special pay exhibit they had. The regular museum is free.Interesting, not sure I know what to think. I did miss the Mummies of Egypt this time but I saw it a few years ago.
Meet Mr Thinker. He is by far one of my favorites. I always think of Night at the Museum when I see him lol
This is the OH MI line.  I walked this today along with riding the bus, walking more and some more, and getting a ride from a stranger. Thank you stranger. I went to the Museum, walked 6 miles to get there, and then walked to the bus stop, then walked and finally got a ride home. Its been an interesting day to say the least. Tomorrow could be just as interesting.
Also, I added a PMP player 4.3 inch screen from Big Lots for videos when the laptop isn't practical and I can now also record my cello playing to make mp3s and podcasts, cheaper than a plain old recorder with way more features. It isn't a ipod but it does the same thing. It is usb run but I have an adaptor for that. Another 12V gadget but I can't enjoy the cello if I can't record myself to see where improvements need to be made.
Below is my cello.... And finally I decided I need to start carrying a backpack, the messenger bag today was rough.


  1. I enjoyed the photographs of the musical instruments. It's an interesting case of inversion: musical instruments are things we think of as being beautiful to listen to, not to look at. Inversion is fun.

  2. guess I never thought of it as inversion lol, but I do enjoy looking at my cello as much as I do playing it.