Monday, April 18, 2011

I washed my hair last night, which I have been shampooing about every 4 days. I do baby powder and baking soda treatments as needed inbetween.
Last night my hair was incredibly frizzy, then this morning I took the braids out, and ponied it, its still pretty crazy in the pony but the roots are starting to settle, tomorrow it should distribute and settle more, then need baby powder and finally a day or two later need washed again. My hair has changed drastically since going this route, it gets less oily, is more easily managed and has been growing. I did straight baking soda, vinegar for a while, outdoor rx and poo rotatively and straight poo and then water only in the past year and they all work, but poo every 4 to 6 days seems to be the magic trick as letting my hair settle through the grease was painful but afterward a bit flatter then preferred. So some grease cutting is needed for me.

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