Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I will be leaving on the 22nd of this month for sure. I got another load out of family storage that they insisted I not get rid of then, but have been living without and therefore not worth hauling a cargo trailer for. Taxes are done and refund comes in on the 22nd, same as my final check. My debit card still hasn't arrived so I want my financials taken care of first but by the 22nd we should be good to go.
Now its just a final clean of my place and where storage was at, which I started to tackle yesterday. I am going to finish packing here, do the floors and then its just waiting until the van repairs are done.
Then hopefully I have a few days to enjoy some peace and quiet.
I am also going to turn my old ragedy towels into strips to make a braided rug with for the front passenger seat as my giant dashboard is good for reading when I am sitting roadside.
Also, I found old shelves from my bookcase that I threw out some time ago, that would make a nice countertop for my stove. there are 3 shelves, and I found 2 other scraps from a garbage that will make for a nice 3 shelf unit behind the drivers side to hold the bins. Then my bed will be open for the portepote on one end and the water on the other.

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