Monday, April 18, 2011

Waiting @ the mechanics so I can get her fixed. Then onto the oil change and tomorrow is the windshield. The shimmying I felt a few days ago was less so today. I suspect a slipped belt in the tire but its hard to say and I want to get her on a lift and looked over before I head off. With the windshield repair tomorrow and backup on wednesday, then the pup gets spayed, and I am off saturday morning it looks like. I got a couple of places I am looking @ room rentals that are in my budget for a few months until I can find a class b or c which I have decided is ideal. I can tow something behind it for local transportation and still drive it with direct access to my home. My issue was I want home and transportation separate. This should work. Its the most cost effective and gives me time to look for a mechanically sound class b. I want something newer then 1995 with ac, heat, toilet, wet bath, bed and kitchen.

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