Monday, April 18, 2011

Of the comparison on class b or c, mechanically sound and no water leaks or rust is my criteria. Gas mileage is less of an issue as I won't be driving it much except for every few months or a weekend here and there. But the fact it can drive is a huge plus. It also needs to be under 20 ft or close to it for access to more remote areas. A truck and camper is an option for that but you won't find e that far off the beaten path. Plus I like access from front to back especially when the weather is bad.
Then I can also drive home or to remote job locations for summer work or whatever. It needs to look nice as well and last a while.
With my niece, nephew, and a great cousin on the way, something they can tag along with aunt is very much needed. They can come visit me out west or I can visit home.
I also decided I am going to electrify my bike which will still fit inside the minivan and easily in a camper, then a toad car that can be retrofitted for overnighting.

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