Sunday, April 17, 2011

Talk about an eventful day... I played the cello for a good hour. Its miraculous how once I am not tired up with work I am free to work on other things. Other options of creativity and its gorgeous. Of course I could teach lessons to young children, record for fun and participate in community orchestra. I am no where near where I was 8 years ago but its coming back. I can practice along the way and within a few months I will be ready to step it up. I simply feel alive. Its amazing.
I am starting pack up the van on tuesday as I really need to get settled, then get the cats, start school and yay, then I can attend cat shows and begin to enjoy a new environment.
Next my cousin is having a baby !!! So that's huge and I am happy for her. She is due in august and we are incredibly close so this should be fun...

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