Sunday, April 10, 2011

Then my 2 totes, canvas bag and basket can fit underneath. The smaller one can go right in back along with the cooler and water. I found a pump and hose at an auto parts store so I can have fresh water and easily add water from smaller containers. This too will be turnbuckled down as it will be heavy. I am also on the hunt for a one burner propane stove, but I also saw a coleman duel fuel. I am still debating this one. I don't need anymore 12v appliances nor batteries. Right now I have the fan, laptop, cell, and cooler on 12v but I don't use the cooler often and the laptop will be limited. The mp3 and camera and flashlight are battery.
I am still keeping a backup duffel for emergencies and the cello is staying here until I come back.
I don't see me in an apt long term. I am more interested in a camper still. But one bridge at a time.
So today is the bed frame and stove.

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