Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yesterday was my last day of work and I started right into this new work which I am glad as focusing on both has been hard.
I got the tools I borrowed in my apartment back to their owner, some furniture I had in storage to a new grateful owner, and bid farewell to some good friends.
Today I went to walmart, got the rugs, some flip flops, a tire inflator and led light, and 2 innertubes for my bike. I decided to simply stay with my current bike even though it needs work because it fits me, was expensive in its day and is reliable. I got it in junior high so its been with me a very long time even though its been garaged for the most part.
I am now finishing laundry up and got most of my clothes packed. This is the final load before my washer and dryer go to their new home.
I also narrowed my stuff down to 2 bins, 1 smaller bin and a 3 drawer. Then I will have room for the bike as I don't trust people. I need to also add my ozark trail 2 burner set, 5 gal water container and kitty litter toilet. Still debating on a tent for the campgrounds I can visit 20 min from school and for the added room.
The van gets her final repairs tomorrow. Then I need to move the washer and dryer and finally pack it all up.

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