Sunday, April 3, 2011

So I have some time with google tonight. I found a replacement battery for my acer one for 35 dollars. I just wanted to see how much one would run me as I tend to keep my computers and technology based items a long time. I love my desktop but it doesn't work with the travel plans. So now I have a netbook and so far its been a lovely device. Add a portable hd that's nice and completely usb powered. The disc drive is also usb. All handy but bulky and I am afraid of the above items getting damaged. Hence each has item has a pouch inside the netbook bag.
Then there is the mp3 player run on batteries. Quite handy. I took it for a trial run with a few walks and it does what it was designed to do. Those solar yard do dads will provide a nice charged battery. Ha, I found one single item to come in handy Lol... That was for an email I got.
Then my beloved cell phone. I am feeling like the laptop and mp3 player are a dumping ground for my cell leftovers Lol...
those go with me by whichever travel mode. No more gadgets.

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