Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today I went over to the house where my washer and dryer have been kept until we could move them to a relatives that wanted it. I went to wash my clothes in the meantime and the back door was busted. someone stole my washer and dryer, my large garbage can that was going in the van with me and my favorite frying pan that's been in the family for a long time. It has sentimental value from the days when my grandma and I could cook together, before her parkinsons became more pronounced..
The police arrested the tresspasser but didn't take down the lack of a washer and dryer, they also didn't mind the left over mess.
Anyways no biggie, the mess anyways. We called to do a report and we stayed 4 hours. Now I live quite a ways from there and you won't catch me overnighting the area, plus my dad and I drove his car, the dogs and house here have things to do, so we came home. 6 hours they call saying they are there. Little late now...
And furthermore, after 500 in work on the van it acts up today and had to be towed in. Driving with locked up brakes is no fun. So there is that. This week has been hades to say the least. I hope tomorrow @ my going away things go better. I am trying to get out of here and life keeps making that hard, but I will overcome.

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