Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am finishing packing today and heading out this coming weekend. Tomorrow is my last day of work, its nice so I am going to vacuum out the van, and load it up and see what it looks like. Then its off to home depot to get plywood and 2x4 for a simple bed and frame. The frame will be 6 ft long by 2.5 wide in 2x4. I am going to put it above the wheel well so I can keep my storage below. To save money on hinges, the upper frame will be lipped and 3 plywood pieces will sit inside. I will then get three cushions from a couch being thrown out and put them on top. Then all three pieces can be stacked when not in use. I am getting turnbuckles to secure the frame to the former seat spots in the floor.
The frame will have 3 support beams across where the plywood sections fit on top and the standard 4 legs. Then my stuff can go underneath and my cargo net across to keep it there. The cargo net was from a former car trunk.

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