Sunday, April 3, 2011

I can't believe I am considering working longer but if I don't its doable I will. Plan B: if all else fails I will rent a room and do a biking and bus adventure there and once I get more money from my stipend I will return for my van or wait until I can buy a new one. If my job lets me work longer then I can get the van in better condition.
If not, then I could store the van at a relatives, keep the stuff not going in it and move to tucson that is cheaper, has better public transportation and bike trails and be near school. If the van goes, then I will be in a different city where emissions isn't an issue. Adventure is nice but so is having enough money to get there, having a roof over my head and a quiet place to study. Finding a job isn't a number one priority so having a vehicle isn't a number one priority.

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