Saturday, February 26, 2011

Double day 2. Its been good so far. I actually got up on time, took a bath and then came to work. I am working half on campus and the other @ the hospital. I did the same yesterday. Then I work sunday morning and monday afternoon to be off on tuesday. This is like the sprint at the end of the marathon. The more I can push now, the more I will have to start with. I am going to go to the end of march and possibly a week or two more while van dwelling locally. That way I have some additional funds for a camper and the first month or two of campground fees. There is more to do in tucson but for now I am settling in an outskirts town due to no emissions and I like the plentiful campgrounds and cheap rates, that way I have options on neighbors. I can simply hitch up and go down the road. I will eventually find my way to tucson but that will be later.

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