Monday, February 28, 2011

Another day today. I was considering working in the morning but they didnt offer that shift and I want the afternoon to get my laundry and some other things done. I figured out that ordering from wifi on the kobo ostensible easier than trying the desktop app. Plus I then don't need a desktop and if I get the usb adaptor to 12v option I can run the kobo independently. I still need to figure out typing papers and the like but I have hardly turned my computer on as I have the games and internet and gps on my cell and now books on the kobo. I am keeping my scanner printer so a nice used tablet should solve the problem or a laptop. I am still searching craigslist. This paycheck I am buying a couple cards for my phone, paying off dad, paying a few months of insurance and then my windshield is the next one. After that other than gas and food, all expenses will be paid. I still have my income tax coming, and will pick up more shifts next week so I get another nice check and then all is good to go. I have 4 weeks left until I am done. Its crazy and time is going fast for sure.

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