Monday, February 7, 2011

So now that I had an entire weekend off, I feel very refreshed. I really needed it, and it actually felt long. So now I am ready to give all my gusto again. Its that lull in the storm that gets us through it, I can feel positive energy flowing, I have been writing more and achieved some personal nirvana of sorts yesterday. Its crazy how organizing my entertainment collection, going through other nooks and crannies , pulling out the dust bunnies does wonders. I really feel like I made some serious progress and that feels good.
I lit the candles on my lariarium and just sat and reflected on life and my brain did something its never done, I found the off switch, the point of silence in my brain. Its amazing. I sat and made some small offerings today and I feel at peace, surreal.
Now the journey begins, self reflection. More about others, not apologizing for believing as I do and listening more: to people and to nature, to the world around me, afterall, I might learn something. And to think I am a libra and left handed.

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