Friday, February 25, 2011

I bought a kobo book reader this time around and it came with several of the books I cherish so someone else can now enjoy themselves. I am going to be in over time in short order and doing the many one on ones I have been doing I wanted some easy to carry options. Its also nice for the van. I am getting a usb to 12 v converter kit so I can charge it from the starting battery as I don't have another usb device. I saw a tv with usb input that could use both DVD player and computer tower. when the money is there, I saw a dell notepad that is on a swivel base, has optional keyboard or touchpad and would be perfect.
The little notebooks are nice but don't have the ability to run my graphics programs. I have been wondering if a portable hard drive can plug directly into the usb of the tv and work. If so, that's my new computer. One can be a backup and one the main computer. I was also wondering if an android tablet could read a portable hd. That could work as well.

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