Saturday, February 5, 2011

I explored at work to see where I could get my vhs tapes to DVD and someone mentioned walgreens and a few other options that I want to explore. I bought the DVD for most of my tapes throughout time but there are a few I haven't found like miracle of the white stallion ect. There are 10 and I found a home for them with a VHS collector after the conversions. I also got rid of my jewel cases a long time ago so my DVDs are in a travel case to begin with. So yesterday I began getting rid of and throw away piles of the music I don't listen to, put my computer discs in the travel case and will finish sorting the collection today. I need to go through my clothes today as well.
Its like starting the journey I started when I became a minimalist but there is a key difference. Back then it was fitting it all in the minivan, now its using everything and having some floor space. In the van I want music, space for food and clothes, a small bin of crafts for rainy days, bed, small toiletries bag and wash up kit, and a place to sit. Having been without my own washer and dryer for a while now, I prefer more clothes less laundry days.

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