Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today has been another day off. they come in clusters and then I work a bunch. Odd it really is. Right now I am sorting and attempting to sell the van seats. I am going to call some junk yards tomorrow as well if I don't get any offers. I also decided on a passenger side bed but can go lengthwise in either front half or back half as well. I am going drivers side bed. The rear drivers side seat folds down and I have a table I am taking. I can build the bed on top of the table and chair with just a plywood board, my 2 bedrolls and bedding. Then if I want the table, I have it and the chair is there as well. The cats tree and carrier can span the back behind the seat. Wardrobe and office stuff in the slider recess. Food can go up front and under the table. The rear windows are tinted as well and my sleeping bag is black.
Option 2 is to put my Rubbermaid totes instead of the table and build a permanent bed frame from front to back seat that is level with the seat down which sounds more reasonable.

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