Friday, February 25, 2011

In van news, we have been showered with snow. I am working a double today as there isn't anything better to do. I am off tomorrow and working 16 hrs today, I can't be required to stay any longer other than sleep there which the van is a comfortable option.
This next check goes to the windshield, an air filter, tune up and oil change. That should pretty much wrap things up for now.
Then the bed frame but I will work on that after the weather gets nicer as I want to take my time on it and do it right. I know I am going drivers side along the wall with hinge up lid and kilz paint.
I still need to figure out power needs, there is the kobo e reader, cell, and some form of computer and tv. Heat will be propane most likely and there are fans as well.
Also, one of my fellow citizens in Roma got into a car wreck. Please keep her in your prayers.

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